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Make-up Tips For The Ever Busy Working Class

Most women want to be attractive, distinguishable, sociable and confident. Make-up goes a long way in helping women achieve that.  The Big Fabulous Beauty Survey published that it takes an average woman 11 minutes to enhance her look. Often times, the working class lady do not have the largesse of time to make-up before zooming off for work.  Here are some tips for a quick near-flawless make-up procedures;


  • Apply your foundation before concealer: Applying foundation before concealer helps to create a smooth base for the rest of your products and also make blending of concealer highlighted on the brows much easier.
  • Highlight your contours: After you have applied your foundation and drawn your brows, mark the areas u want to contour like; jawline, under your cheekbones,   your hairline , the sides of your nose, the tip of the nose, and your chin after which you blend and highlight with highlighting powder then you blend all over to perfection after that which you apply  your skin tone power.
  • Make your eye shadows pop with eyeliner: To  make your eye shadow  appear more vibrant use and eyeliner and if you have difficulties in lining your eyes, try drawing the outline of the shape you want first after which you start filling it in .
  • Apply   eyelash glue with a bobby pin: If you always make a mess with your eyelash glue try using a bobby pin (bobby pin are those black small hair pins) to carefully apply a few dots of glue to the lashes wait for a few seconds and place it on and for those that does not like lashes use mascara for your natural lashes to enable your makeup to pop.
  • Define your   cupid bow with an X: Before defining   your cupid bow for those with cracked lips, try and exfoliate it first in other for your lip stick to balance well on your lips. The quicker way to get a perfect cupid bow is to use same shade of lip liner as your lipstick and create an X that lines up with your natural lip line. Then fill in the bottom three sections of the X with your lip stick to your preferred shades.
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