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Statistics show that we are about 7 billion people on this Earth. These are people with different talents, abilities, cognitive super power, preferences, prejudices and biases. Scientifically, it has been proven that no two persons are totally and completely alike. These persons in question might even be identical twins but yet certain parts of their imprints show significant differences detailing their uniqueness.

Scientific research shows that no two individuals have same finger prints, eye prints, foot prints, DNA sequence and more. This brings us to the subtle yet powerful thought regarding our unique differences better still ‘what makes us thick.’

As little kids, we rarely did see ourselves as inadequate up until society started informing us with subtle statements and mannerisms implying that our difference or uniqueness was weird, less important and inferior in comparison to others. The issue of race, tribe, and status crept in, and schools started categorizing kids as smart and less smart, using a uniform measurement streak for all without recourse to the fact that we all have varying capabilities and capacities as regards learning and absorbing new ideas and subjects.

As we got older, the several narratives crept up, forcing us to engage in deeper comparisons and competition amongst ourselves with little regard to what makes us authentically different while appreciating the uniqueness of the other party.

Blacks have been told their hair is less attractive due to its texture and outlook while Caucasian hair has been interpreted as more refined and advertisement worthy. Blacks have been told for ages that their skin tone is unattractive. Caucasian skin tone has been termed ‘pale’ and in need to have tan to look more attractive. Cultural differences have been frowned upon. Parental upbringing has been either misunderstood, termed hostile or unpopular. These are not to say that certain attributes we have as a people, race or nation shouldn’t be improved upon and evolve with the times as long as it is not detrimental to the collective well being of society.

With all of the noise out there projected on social media and even physically around us, the need for knowing who we are by spending time with ourselves, projecting our voices and living authentically aligned with our deeply rooted principles and values has become imperative.

Who are you?

What defines you?

What do you authentically like outside of popular advertisement preferences?

Who are you evolving into?

Do you authentically like yourself, flaws and all?

What is your unique scent, that makes you inherently and originally you when you don’t have to performfor the world?

These questions, YOU alone can answer. I can’t answer it for you neither can your therapist but with honest assessment and feedback, time away from the noises out in the world and away from the insurmountable expectations of others. YOU can find your UNIQUENESS.

And truly this true version of you is what the  world needs to help fix in this puzzle called LIFE.

A few ways you can discover your uniqueness

  1. Spend some time with yourself alone and ask yourself these honest questions.


  1. You can ask your therapist or loved ones to give you their honest feedbacks regarding what they deeply think about you


  1. You can engage in prayer to God asking for a deep sense of understanding about the innate fabric of your being.


  1. Start owning your opinions and speak up about it regardless of how unfamiliar and strange it may seem.


  1. Experience the uniqueness of others and do a little introspective analysis as to what you’d rather do in such a situation or context.


  1. Find your style outside of the regulated fashion world and media adverts.

The gift of finding your authentic self is priceless, worth it and indeed a super gift to the world.

We need more authentic people living life truly as to who they really are without resorting t being cheap copies of others in the name of ‘role model.’ It is a beautiful thing learning from the lives of others and admiring who they are and what amazing thing they have accomplished sometimes even wanting to imbibe them. This in itself is a great way if adopting good virtues but be careful not to lose yourself in the process and becoming someone else entirely.

Take that time out and find out who you are even as you leave room for evolving. You might not arrive at concrete conclusions in a day but at least, you can begin to feel a sense of ownership on your way to discovering more of you even as you unfold and evolve

You are a priceless gift to theworld. Be you and let go of the bandwagon effect.



Natasha’s corner.

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