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Studio Rentals

Our state of the art spaces are available for your photo shoot and video plan ideas. Whatever the concepts and ideas you have, trust us with them. Our aim is to bring it to life! 

Filming Locations

Our studio is also a suitable filming location for SIT – COMS while we also pride ourselves with strong connections in the city of Port Harcourt. Our notoriety as real time correspondents permits us access into different points and parts of the city.

Acoustic Session / Voice Sessions

Our rooms are well structured and our equipments are on standby for you! We have what it takes to bring those voice over and acoustic sessions to life!

Kitchen Studio

Thav tv also owns an equipped food studio with functional appliances and wares which can be adopted for a variety of purposes such as sit – COMS, picture sessions and video sessions.

Interview Studio

We own standard sets where structured conversations and discussion can conducively take place.

Equipment Rentals

We takes pride in maintaining working, optional and standard equipment for rental.


We provide trainings for people who are willing to delve into editing, presenting and film/movie production.

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