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Often times, we feel a stall in our desire for wanting to achieve anything, create anything new or even expand our influence horizon.We begin to lag behind with a feeling of subtle numbness to anything that requires more from us.Anything repels us, which requires us to step out of our ‘sameness’ to become ‘MORE’. More in our health, finances, relationships, networks, value bank. We know what we ought to do to morph into our big picture but then again the PUSH just seems to be lacking.

This laxity or mental fatigue could stem from sheer lack of motivation, the state of the society or environment around us, the people around us living with a lack lustre attitude and so on.

This article is a simple and subtle reminder that the MORE you desire to be is worth fighting for.

Do you desire a fatter bank account to sort out your needs and those of your loved one?

Do you desire that summer body that you know will make you feel a whole lot better and raise your confidence level?

Do you desire to get that dream job or build that start up that burns deep within your core?

Do you desire to be that household name?

Do you desire to become a better friend, sister, lover and colleague?

Whatever that it is you desire is possible.

Get yourself up and fight for your desires. It is attainable and that should be your mind set and nothing else. Every day work at it, visualize yourself in it and remind yourself what the taste of attainment would feel like at the end.


A big reason I can give you, is that your dream, desire, big picture or project is possible. It will mean so much to you and fill you with so much light, happiness and sheer fulfilment which is of immense value to your existence and even others who need your PUSH because then they know that they can uniquely replicate same. The world will share in your PUSH impact. We need your ATTAINMENT.

Your desires are on the other side of mental fatigue, laxity and fear.





  1. Remind yourself why you started in the first place ;

Where did that desire or dream stem from? What piqued your curiosity and got you all excited about that project, dream, desire or big picture? Was it the feeling of a deep sense of accomplishment, a feeling of wellness and body positive confidence? Was it a sheer morale booster or the deep sense of worldwide impact you know you can effect if the project pans out? Remember your ‘WHY’ and let it fuels you with strength again.


  1. Just start:

After sorting out your why and getting all excited about your ‘MORE’, now is the time to get at it. Engage your brain and mind and begin creating the big picture all afresh. What baby steps can you start with or maybe giant steps even? Could it be losing 1kg per month or even 6kg? Could it be starting to take a 10mins walk daily or going for a 30mins run? Could it be speaking to a few persons afresh about that idea? Could it be starting that little savings plan? Whatever it is, JUST START ALREADY.


  1. Kick your fears and mental fatigue in the gut:

This can be a tough one especially when we have sat in the lack lustre state for a long time. No worries, regardless, visualise and remind yourself of the sweet taste of attainment. It tastes sooo good (lol). So get up and kick fear and fatigue in the gut, time to get it all.


  1. No time or age is late to start:

Whether we choose to achieve our dreams and goals or not because of the thought of ‘lateness,’ time will still pass. We will get old, ideas might become staleand strength might wane. All of these are life’s constants but while the cycle of life will inevitably play, out whether we like it or not, why not fuel it up with the kind of outcomes we desire to see? *winks*






Natasha’s corner.

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