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Social Media went agog when the organ trafficking case involving Former Deputy Senate President Senator Ike Ekweremadu broke out.
The shock,anger and the resultant hatred for a Nigerian Politician was palpable. Considering the dilapidated Health Care experienced in the Country.

But there’s a twist to the story now

Thavemedia can confirm that Senator Ekweremadu’s daughter is indeed suffering a kidney disease and is in a dire need of a kidney transplant for her to survive.

Information gathered showed that the Senator in a bid as a Father to help the daughter survive has sought for a donor facilitated travel arrangements for the donor to travel to the UK since February in preparation for the transplant.

But the twist came when medical investigations revealed that the donors kidney did not match with that of Sonia as Senator Ike’s daughter is called.
It is believed that the donor not wanting to return to Nigeria approached the UK Police and declared himself a minor and a victim of Organ trafficking in a bid to secure asylum. The UK Government has zero tolerance for such an allegation especially as it pertains to a minor, hence the arrest of the Senator and his wife on touching down on UK soil.

Rumours making the rounds now reveal the donor to be one David Ukpo Nwamini a 21 years old male Nigerian.

So the days ahead holds a lot for the former Deputy President of the Nigeria Senate to establish his innocence and that of the wife in this embarrassing phenomenon not just to him and his family but to the people and Government of Nigeria at large.

The couple were denied bail at the Uxbridge magistrates’ court on Thursday 23rd June and will be remanded in custody as the case is scheduled to be heard on July 7,2022.

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