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Tips On How To Spend Your First Holidays With Your Partner

It’s one of the best times of the year to spend time with loved ones, including your partner.Especially if this is your first holiday season with a new partner, spending time with loved ones shouldn’t be stressful, but rather an enjoyable one.Your relationship may strengthen or weaken during this time of the year due to the stress.Give yourself grace when figuring out the best ways to spend this time with your partner, whether it’s choosing the best present for them or learning how to respect their family’s customs and practices.If this is your first holiday season together, here are some tips for making it special, memorable, and free of drama.


1.Make the holidays light and enjoyable:During the holidays, you and your partner should have fun and celebrate.Instead of letting the pressure to see families, give gifts, or get more serious make it feel stressful, relax so you can actually enjoy them and grow closer.Make your first holiday season memorable and relaxing by spending quality time together.You and your partner might decide to deck the house out with Christmas decorations or to watch holiday movies while dining at your favorite restaurant instead.Keep your holiday celebrations fun and enjoyable, no matter what they look like this year.keep it fun and enjoyable.The holidays are meant to be spent as you and your family see fit,so fill your time together just enjoying each other’s company


2.Together, set goals for the new year:Planning together for the coming year with shared objectives and goals can be a fun part of the New Year’s celebration.The relationship you have with your partner is strengthened when you spend time discussing your plans and goals alongside the creation of new ones.It also ensures that your relationship remains a top priority for the upcoming year.Gather around a table and have a fun, lighthearted discussion about the upcoming year for each of you individually and collectively.Make room for each other’s individual goals, establish goals to keep in mind throughout the year, and hold each other accountable for achieving them.Aspirations for a new year can be exciting and novel for a couple;Make it a point to talk about your hopes and goals.


3.Include each other’s friends and family:During the holidays, make time for your partner’s family and friends and demonstrate to them how important they are to you.Make sure to support your partner’s traditions with their family and encourage them to embrace and enjoy their childhood practices if they come from a family that celebrates the holidays with gift-giving, Secret Santa tradition, holiday decorating, or religious practices.Ensure that your partner feels included in your traditions and actively participates in the holiday season with your friends and family.By including people who are significant to both of you, this contributes to the formation of a bond between you and your partner.


4.Make the most of the holidays to reconnect with each other:This season isn’t just about pressed plans and occupied schedules — vacation time is maximized for travel and we typically have more downtime than at other times of the year.Take advantage of this chance to get back in touch with your partner, spend more time together, and enjoy each other’s company.Make it a priority to spend some of the time you have off from work and other commitments with your partner.Special times of year are an incredible opportunity to set to the side your ordinary commitments and set aside a few minutes for those generally vital to you.Make the most of the holiday season to rekindle and strengthen your relationship by spending time together at home, enjoying each other’s hobbies, or organizing an unexpected trip or staycation.


5.Make guidelines for giving gifts:Giving and receiving gifts from loved ones is one of the best parts of the holidays.If this is your first holiday season together, make sure to set some guidelines for how you should give gifts to each other.It may not feel spontaneous or romantic to have a casual conversation about how and if you will give each other gifts, but it can help you avoid common problems like the awkward “I got them something expensive and they got me nothing” or “I got them something expensive and they got me nothing” situation.If rules about spending limits and expectations are not discussed, gift-giving can go wrong unintentionally, and your partner might have completely different expectations from you.

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