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Below are some privileges you will enjoy   as a corps member during your service year:

1. Opportunity to redefine your life

Your service year is time to have a rethink and restrategize your life, NYSC is the only time you have to start  to think and work smart (for the idle ones after school) before Nigerian parents starts rushing you to get married and give them grand children (for some parents that feel after service year their children has made it in life).They do not know it is that one year some have discovered new passions, new abilities ,new skills that will help better their future and that of their families.


2.Possible to meet a life partner

Most corps member  gets  to meet their spouse during their service year, either at the orientation camp or community development service (CDS). Service year has made possible so many beautiful   relationships leading to awesome marriages, government pledges to support marriage expenses between corps member. Try and find love during your service year.


3• Opportunity to travel to states you probably would not ever travel to

This is for those persons posted to places they never dreamt of visiting mostly the north. The east, south, west being posted to the north in most cases and the northerners posted out of their states. so tell me, would you have willingly traveled out of your various states to another state to serve? I doubt so .even though many end up redeploying, they can still claim to have been to those places at least NYSC has made it possible for you to have different experiences.


4.Opportunity to meet new people

Some people like to keep to themselves in NYSC camp during their service year  all in the name of introverts , Its not advisable because it stops you from meeting  people that might give you life changing opportunities but if you are the kind who likes to make friends and meet with new people ,then NYSC is for you. A lot of people have made life changing connections during their service year. This could be you too dear.


5. Respect

They are so many regard you get as a corps member mostly when wearing your khaki, some people would want to pay your transport fare in public transits  and some corps member gets cash and food gifts etc. even the way you would be addressed differs .

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