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The alarm clock goes off again at 6:00am on a Wednesday morning, Melinda drags herself off the bed grudgingly, complaining about everything, from how much she hates her life, to how time seems to be on the run without recourse, to how she feels and the load overwork stacked for her back at the office, she sighs heavily and seats exasperated saying; “time is against me. I never seem to get a breather, 24hrs isn’t just enough”

Anthony wakes up at 5:30am without an alarm clock, stretches his muscles, turns on the radio with a chipper smile on his face and exclaims; “I can’t wait to get to the office. I have a lot to do today and I will get it all done in due time.”

He leaps out of the bathroom, gets dressed and heads out whistling on his way to hailing a cab.

“It is going to be a great day today,” he says.

We all have the same 24hrs though with deferring commitments and workload.  Most of us step out starting our day already stressed out like Melinda, cursing throughout the day and swearing at the commitments we have to keep and how time just is not being favourable to us to capture all our needs. This often times is true the workload, some days can seem like it will need about 72hrs to get it all accomplished.

There are those of us like Anthony, who simply choose to feel chipper throughout the day irrespective of the workload stretched out through the day.

Time is a constant. We cannot fast track it or slow it down by ourselves. Time will take its patient course throughout the day until it completes its 24hr cycle before it takes a slide shift into the next day. It is almost like a continuum without a break.

Time just seems to keep up its work day after day, year after year, in birth or in death, bad times or good times; it never seems to take a pause.

How dare time be so proud without respect to our feelings, we need it to slow down, others need it to hasten up. Yet, regardless what we feel about the brute reality or time, time will just simply keep running its course.

Covid19 came and it seemed like the whole world had come to a standstill, travel enthusiast could not travel, vacationers could not go on romantic getaways or sightseeing, plans halted, and people were frustrated. Ultimately, it seemed like the year 2020 just seemed to crawl for some and for other, move so fast as if it did not have a care in the world.

The brutal truth about time is that regardless of how we often feel, time is a constant and will always do its work. Every day, a gift of a 24hr is given; we decide what to do with it.

The 24hr period is a general gift given to all alive regardless what they choose to do with it or how they choose to live by it.

We often hear people say things like;

“Time waits for no man”

“Time is no respecter of persons”

“Time wasted, cannot be gained”

“Time is not on your side”

“Time is life”

All these statements are quite true depending on the context of their usage though in this article, time desires to be your all. I will tell you a few things about why time is actually an ally to you;

  1. Time Heals: life can be sometimes cruel due to hurt or trauma experienced, our bodies too sometimes get diseased but when we open ourselves to hope and positivity desiring the best outcomes and working towards it, time steps in as a healer and provides us with the necessary healing need to move forward.


  1. Time Restores: a lot f times, we feel we have lost valuable opportunities, friendships and resources due to do sheer negligence, ignorance or carelessness. Sometimes even none of the above yet time serves as a restorer of things cost if we leave ourselves open to times possibilities.


  1. Time Enables Us Start Over: there are certain experiences we sometimes go through that makes it seem like our lives are over. Nothing to be done about our situation or circumstances yet time presents us with a fresh start everyday to make an o over as we can. Time tells us that yes we indeed made a bullshit decision a day or two ago but here is another 24hrsfor you, do not mess it up. Do your life and decisions over.


  1. Time Is A Gift: everyone loves a box tied in a colourful ribbon, with glee we almost cannot wait to unveil the gift to see what is inside it. Time is one of the greatest gifts given to humanity. It has enabled us innovate, create amazing technologies, build impossible infrastructures and more. Time indeed is a gift, unwrap yours today and use it wisely each day it presents itself.

Time desires to do you good depending on how you choose to use it. Time desires to be your ally to enable you be all that you can be and attain all your goals. YAASSS time stays rooting for you with every passing day it presents before you. Look beyond those mistakes, lost opportunities, failures and unflattering circumstances and push through with Time and you will definitely come out TOPS.





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