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Sudan Fighting Continues: Residents Fleeing From Their Homes As The Fight Intensifies

Fighting in Sudan intensified on Thursday morning as a bombardment by warplanes in the center of the capital, Khartoum, amounted to one of the most fearsome assaults yet in the violent days-long clashes. It remained unclear on Thursday who, if anyone, was in control of Sudan, Africa’s third-largest country. The death toll from the fighting has risen to nearly 300, with more than 3,000 others wounded, according to the World Health Organization.

It could be recalled that Sudan hasn’t been peaceful since last 2years after the revolution and removal of their former president Omar Hassan al-Bashir.In a power-sharing deal, the military leaders agreed to help Sudan transition to a democratic government. But instead, they instigated a coup that effectively made them Sudan’s top two leaders. on the one side is the Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan, the leader of the Rapid Support Forces paramilitary group, who had acted as Sudan’s deputy leader since the 2021 coup and the other side is Sudanese Army under Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, a military commander and de facto leader of Sudan. 

However, With two generals vying for power, residents in the capital, Khartoum, said the violence had destroyed hospitals, airfields and homes, and left civilians caught in the crossfire.

Hopes for even a brief truce to allow humanitarian access have repeatedly emerged and sputtered. But on Wednesday a patchy and brief cease-fire held long enough to allow some residents who had been hiding in their homes without food, water or electricity to flee.

The chaos has also spiraled out to other parts of the country, including the western region of Darfur, an area in which genocidal attacks killed at least 300,000 people and displaced millions of others early this century. In the city of El Fasher this week, the charity Doctors Without Borders said that it had treated 279 wounded civilians, 44 of whom died from their injuries. In another city, Nyala, looters emptied warehouses filled with medical supplies.

 The regional spokesperson for the WHO,Ahmed al-Mandhari, has described the health situation as “very worrying”.

According to Ahmed;

 “Twenty hospitals are out of service completely; twelve hospitals are at risk of being out of service due to staff fatigue, lack of water and medicines, and power outages.” 

Al-Mandhari said the global health agency has provided health supplies to hospitals from its warehouses in Sudan, but its stock is running out and it cannot bring any more in the country.

We are coordinating with international organisations and health authorities in Sudan to transfer health supplies from warehouses to hospitals. The breaches of the truce prevented our arrival at hospitals,” he said.

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