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The greatest feeling one can ever have in a relationship is Love. If Love is not in a relationship it is quite frustrating. For every successful relationship,there is love. It is therefore necessary to note that before a love relationship can stand,there must be several elements, such as care,patience, endurance and more. Looking at some interesting love scenarios and stories, one should  be shocked at some point  when told that such love story never led to marriage. It is in this situation that we will say that “Love” is not enough.


Firstly, a love situation can go sour due to societal beliefs, religious beliefs and even cultural beliefs. To some extent at times, it can be based on a health ground. In a scenario where a lady has courted a guy for about seven years and just when they have seen reasons to get married to each other, they eventually find out through their medical test result that the both parties are AS. There is no way they would go on and get married. If they do, it would be putting there love and the future of their kids at risk. In this case, Love is not Enough. They need to let go of whatsoever they shared.

Furthermore, a love relationship can also go sour in some families due to their religious believes. it could be that the guy is a muslim and the lady a christian, a lot persons might argue this, but, at some point here the both parties will have to go  separate ways in other to please their religion and families. 

Making a sacrifice for love is not easy as they say, not everyone is Romeo and Juliet. it will be of great importance to know that if one is going into a love affair, go with you head and your heart, do not go with your heart alone, this is because of some unforeseen circumstance that could make you give up on that relationship. Remember, the sweetness of love is been together and seeing each other grow.

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