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World Cup: Riots Erupted In Numerous Belgian And Dutch Cities Following Morocco’s 2-0 Victory Over Belgium

Riots erupted in numerous Belgian and Dutch cities following Morocco’s 2-0 upset victory over Belgium in the World Cup on Sunday, November 27.

The win was enthusiastically celebrated by fans with Moroccan immigrant roots in many Belgian and Dutch cities, but this led to a riot.

Arrests were made by the police in Brussels and in the Northern city of Antwerp, Belgium, after security operatives deployed water cannons and fire tear gas to disperse crowds. There were also reports of unrest in Liege.

Two police officials were also injured in the Dutch port city of Rotterdam. By late evening Sunday, an uneasy calm had returned to most of the cities involved.

Reacting to the riot, Brussels mayor Philippe Close asked people to stay away from the city center, while also revealing that they working retore order. Close said;

“Those are not fans, they are rioters. Moroccan fans are there to celebrate.” 

Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden said; 

“Sad to see how a few individuals abuse a situation to run amok.”

The riot in neighboring Netherlands left two police officers injured. This occurred after riot officers tried breaking up a group of 500 soccer supporters who pelted police with fireworks and glass. There was also an unrest in the capital Amsterdam and The Hague.

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