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Woman Opens Up About Sleeping With Her Step Dad And Blames Her Mum For It

A young woman by name Pagallo has disclosed that she slept with her step father, a pastor, and she blames her mother for her actions.

The young woman disclosed this while answering a question on twitter.


‘Why did you stop going to church?’’ a Twitter user asked and different people responded, however, this user’s response stood out.

She said she stopped going to church after having sex with the pastor, who is also her step father, she blamed her mother for it. She said her mother neglected her and didn’t give her the kind of attention she gave to the other kids. She added that when her mother found out that she slept with her husband she chased her out.

Now, the twitter user says she is a stay at home girl because she can’t get a decent job due to her inadequate educational qualification. She added that she doesn’t regret hurting her mother by sleeping with her husband.

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