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Wizkid Reviews On His Pulse Album ‘More Love, Less Ego’

Wizkid released his fifth album On 11th November, 2022 titled ‘More Love, Less Ego (MLLE)’. The album was curated to take off from where ‘Made In Lagos (MIL)’ left off and while it doesn’t offer similar gratification, it offers a lush sound that captures the essence of its curator. There was bound to be thorough scrutiny for the album that comes off the back of the chart-dominating, hugely successful ‘Made In Lagos’ that redefined Afrobeats’ penetration into the international space.

When Wizkid released ‘Bad To Me’, the first single off the album, the Amapiano single divided opinion with critics and fans varying on its quality. With the current industry template failing to generate the needed effect, Wizkid returned to his quintessential style in ‘Money and Love’ and while the single might not have received an overwhelmingly positive reception, it did offer sonic similarities that were in itself sufficient for some listeners.With the preceding singles, one could easily point out the richness of the beat which combined drums, horns, and jazz guitars for an exotic arrangement. While penmanship has ever really been Wizkid’s forte, Wizkid can deliver a melody that will match the quality of the beat to make for good singles, and it is this combination and the assistance of a carefully selected lineup that elevated ‘MIL’.

In ‘MLLE’, Wizkid wishes to replicate the musicality of ‘MIL’ using similar sonic templates – steady flowing melody, top production, and rich features while discussing the stress-free, wealthy, and hedonistic lifestyle of a megastar.

All through the album, the hedonistic mantra – gaining as much pleasure as possible is a recurring theme. While the title ‘More Love, Less Ego’  suggests an album that wishes to spread love and cut back on the egoistic tendencies of a global star, the content however suggests a sometimes romantic but mostly sexual type of love.

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