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Wife Of Celebrity Designer Seyi Vodi Attacks Supposed Side Chick , Strips Her Naked

Bunny Alade -Adekunle, wife of celebrity designer Seyi Adekunle popularly  known as  Seyi Vodi attacking his alleged side chick is currently trending online.

In the video , Bunmi was heard communicating with her side chick  who have been identified as Moesha,that she has been warning her to stay away from her husband. She and her friends went on to embarrass Moesha who was seen tying a towel , before striping her naked.


Insiders also claimed that this happened at Seyi Vodi’s office. One of the sources who spoke to popular news platform said;

‘Wife of popular Abuja based tailor and socialite ,Adekunle Seyi Vodi ,recently walked in on him and his side chick , Moesha , inside his office.

Obviously,it is clearly seen that they’ve been dating for a couple of years and his wife was aware and had warned Moesha to stay clearly away from her husband.

‘She also discovered that her husband Vodi was the one financing  his mistress’ luxurious lifestyle ,including buying her a Benz and establishing a fashion house in her name. Recently, a little  bird whispered  to the wife that Molesha had visited her husband in his office again , So, she rushed down ,Vodi ,however ,immediately bolted ,leaving Molesha behind.

Semi on the other hand had locked his instagram account to avoid any further embarrassment or problem.

According to another source, it is alleged that Mr.Seyi Vodi bought her mistress a car ,so she went to his office probably to get the keys and also to tell him ‘thank you’ and then the whole crisis started.

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