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“Why Would The Welfare Of Workers Be Seen As Charity?” – Ajaero

Following the celebration of the worker’s day yesterday in Benin.  The governor of Edo State, Obaseki while speaking said that the Federal Government may not be able to pay workers’ salaries beyond June without massively printing money or removing petrol subsidy. He made it clear that Nigerians , particularly workers would face hardship if the government decides on any of the options.

In his words;

  “It would be a miracle for the Federal Government and state governments to pay salaries beyond June this year without resorting to massively printing money or removing fuel subsidy. Either of these decisions will bring more hardship and pain to Nigerians, particularly workers.” 

He continued to say that they should make sure that burdens and pains of this measures, which must be taken are not carried by the workers alone. He advised the workers to rise and ensure that they champion any discussion on subsidy removal. It could be recalled that the Federal over earlier this year has planned to remove fuel subsidy by June. 

President of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Joe Ajaero, and his Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) counterpart, Festus Osifo, in their address to the workers yesterday stated clearly that the Federal Government has planned to take actions against those who have refused to comply with the 2019 national minimum wage law especially governors who still owe salaries, pensions and allowances.

Ajero expressed his concern over the prolonged due payments by the government. In his words;

  “Why would the welfare of workers be seen as charity? Why would governments at diverse levels owe workers arrears of salaries running into years without remorse? Why the lethargy in paying workers their hard-earned income?”.

He went further to say that they will not allow it’s member to be turned mindlessly into beasts of burden any longer.

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