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Why Tinubu Assigned Questions To His Team Members At Chatham House

According to Alake, Tinubu’s “one of the innovations” is delegating questions to team members.

Dele Alake, the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential campaign council’s Director of Strategic Communication, has explained why Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the APC’s presidential candidate, asked his team members to answer questions about him in London.

Tinubu presented his strategy for Nigeria on Monday, December 5, 2022, at the Chatham House in the United Kingdom.

The official competitor additionally talked on the discussions encompassing his scholarly foundation and date of birth.

However, Tinubu asked a few members of his team to answer the questions on his behalf during a Q&A session.

Nigerians reacted, with many wondering why Tinubu did not respond to the questions on his own.

Delegating questions to team members is “one of the innovations” of Tinubu, according to Alake, who responded to the question about oil theft in Nigeria.

He added that Tinubu’s ability to identify talents is one of his strengths.

Alake said, “Anybody who has his head properly screwed on his head would know that Asiwaju is the primus inter pares in team building; that is what he sought to display.

“Everybody acknowledges his talents in showcasing professional and technocratic experts in various fields. Those who are saying what you have just said are ignorant of the nuances and dynamics of leadership. Leadership is not a one-man show.

“Successful leadership is one based on a team that is professional and highly skilled. Asiwaju has been noted to be an advocate of that and that is what he displayed.

“Apart from delegating, he also answered questions personally and directly. He wanted to show the calibre of his team and that is what he equally did at the Eko Hotel town hall meeting.

That style is being copied by some of his opponents but they can’t get the traction because they don’t have the solid team like he has.”

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