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Why A Wedding In A Church Is Not Necessary In Nigeria

Here are the reasons why you should absolutely leave a church,some of them make outrageous demands before allowing a couple to get married.


Even though the Bible and the church oppose premarital sex, it is common knowledge that many couples have sex before marriage and even become pregnant.


The church, on the other hand, scrutinizes and mocks them.While it’s essential to have a place with a neighborhood church and get hitched in one, it’s not necessary, particularly after the ‘mistake’ has been made.


Even though you can get married in anywhere and have a minister officiate, many people want the pastoral blessings that come with getting married in a church and basically under God’s supervision.It need not be in a church building at all.


Only two marriages are permitted under Nigeria’s Marriage Act;The marriage under Act and traditional marriage.


Oftentimes, what we refer to as a church wedding is not legal, especially if the church gives you its own certificate, which has no legal weight and is void.It indicates that you were not legally married at all under the law.


A church wedding is legal when the church is a licensed place of worship, which means they are authorized by law to conduct a marriage and give you a certificate identical to what you would get at a marriage registry.


You can get married in a few months by going to the local government office in your area, filling out some paperwork, stating your intention to marry, and bringing witnesses with you.

In addition, Nigerians continue to attend church and sign the same documents at the marriage registry.It entirely unnecessary.

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