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Betrayal is probably the most devastating loss a person can experience.To be betrayed a person must first experience trust in the betrayal.

Betrayal trauma was first introduced as a concept by psychologist Jennifer Freyd in 1991.She described it as a specific trauma that happens in key social matters like relationships,marriages,courtship,friendships etc.Any type of betrayal can cause emotional distress but might experience lingering trauma when someone you depend on to respect your needs and generally help safeguard your wellbeing violates the trust you have placed in them.

Betrayal trauma typically refers to the lingering pain and turmoil experienced after;

1: Betrayal by a parent or other childhood caregiver

or betrayal by a romantic partner.children for example depends on parent to meet emotional needs along with food ,clothes,transportation and safety needs.

2: Betrayal by a romantic partner can result to giving out vital information to an outsider by a particular partner, it could be a male or a female.A partner who cheats betrays the terms of understanding and trust had in the relationship.Also betrayal sets in when a doctor reveals what a particular patient relates to him to another patient,and when confidential matters governing a society leaks out to a person outside that body.

Betrayal is a painful and heartbroken thing that anyone could ever think of,it makes an individual think so much of his or herself,ask series of questions within his or herself thereby creating a mental disorder that could make one do what his not supposed to do.

7 things to do when you have being betrayed

1:Forgiveness:i know that in some cases after being betrayed by someone especially someone we love n care for ,we tend to have this spirit of wanting to revenge and make the person feel bad and hurt just the way they made us feel,but by so doing we end up hurting ourselves by creating more wound to the heart which is not supposed to be so.The best way to go on in cases like these is to forgive and let go and move on with your life.

2:Gain some Detachment;Stand back and view yourself as if your the helper and not the victim.

3:Seek a confidant who has survived the same betrayal and has come out on the other side.

4:Counter self pity,by being strong and energetic and always saying to yourself you can make it,also seek activities that build your self esteem.

5:Turning your pains into an ongoing drama.

6:Idealising the past.obsessing over the good times that are gone.

7:Work towards your tomorrow that will be better than yesterday.Dont fixate  on the past or what might have being done.

Betrayal is something that goes on in our daily living and inorder for us to escape or to avoid being betrayed ,we must be careful with the choice of friends we make,where we go to,discussions made and above all the circle of people we keep.

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