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We Believe The North Will Support Obi-Datti Campaign – Obi-Datti Support Group

At a press briefing held in Kaduna on Monday ahead of Obi’s campaign flag-off on Wednesday in the state capital, The Obidatti People’s Movement (ODPM) Nigeria and Diaspora, a support group, has asserted that Northern Nigeria will give overwhelming support to Peter Obi, Labour Party’s Presidential Candidate, and his running mate, Datti Baba-Ahmed during the 2023 elections, as well as all the LP candidates, all in a bid to liberate Nigeria from its present unpleasant state.

The press briefing which was themed “Our Future is Bright with Obi-Datti victory,” had members of the group support group speaking, some of which said, “we sincerely believe that the North will support Obi-Datti campaign to rescue this nation come May 29.”

According to the text of the briefing jointly signed by Honourable Charles Obiora Anueyiagu (National Coordinator, Obi-Datti People’s Movement Nigeria), Bon Nebo Esq Diaspora Coordinator ObiDatti People’s Movement and Kenneth Chukwu (Director General ObiDatti People’s Movement), the group assured Nigerians that with an Obi-Datti presidency, all the woes of Nigeria will become a thing of the past within the shortest possible time.

“The first time all Nigerians spoke with one voice irrespective of tribes, regions, and religions. Transformative agenda, a paradigm shift from consumption to production, equal opportunities to all Nigerians regardless of ethnicity or religion, an end to corruption and for the empowerment of Nigerian youth.”

“For the first time, Nigerians and the rest of the world have a presidential and vice presidential candidate both being loved equally for their ability and competency of good leadership. They have records of prudent management and leading by example and will therefore, be able to transform our civil service, the armed forces, the police force, and all other paramilitary and government institutions for good,” they said.

On education and youth development, the group said “this is also the first time the skills, wisdom, and suppressed knowledge of Nigerian youth come alive in a high-scale dimension. This is a rebirth of hope for our youth who are the future of our nation, Nigeria.”

“Corruption will die a natural death. Only the incorruptible can fight corruption successfully and only the contented pass through the Nigerian system without being corrupted. We have a duo with impeccable and incorruptible character.”

“Therefore, our victory in the forthcoming election is the right signal for the rebirth of integrity and change of the psyche of our people towards non-corruption characteristics. Nigerians will choose their leaders by themselves not by imposition. This is the greatest opportunity God has given to the populace to decide our future. And we must take advantage of it.”

“This victory is our collective victory which guarantees the future for which God blessed our nation abundantly. They will develop Nigeria among world economic power. They will enhance and increase economic potential global (net export) and utilize the blessings of God to Nigeria and Nigerians for the good of all.”

“With the above, you will all agree that our future is bright with Obi-Datti’s victory and together we will achieve by God’s grace,” the group said.


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