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Ways To Make Yourself Happy As A Single Lady On The Eve Of Valentine

Valentine’s Day is a day of merriment; showing love to one another. If you are anything like me, you might have been looking for the love of your life since the month began. By now, you already know your current talking stage won’t lead anyway. They are already complaining about how they have no one to spend Valentine’s Day with on their Instagram stories. So, you are effectively on your own.

Get Yourself A Gift, Post It Online And caption it ‘From the love of my life’

You don’t have to wait to get a gift. Have you seen any gift box online, and you wished someone would get one for you? Why don’t you get one for yourself and pretend to be shocked when it arrives? You can even post online and say you got it from a secret admirer – you admire yourself, don’t you? And it’s a secret who sent it, at least to others.

Exchange gifts with your single friends

If Valentine’s Day is a day of love, then we shouldn’t just celebrate it with romance; friendship is important, deep and beautiful. So exchange gifts with your friends and forget about the couples, single people should stick together.

Hate on lovers

This is one way to pass the time on Valentine’s Day. Be sure to remind lovers that all these romantic acts won’t matter in heaven, and they are putting undue pressure on single people and doing too much.

Get a hobby

Spend Valentine’s Day totally engrossed in a hobby like painting, drawing, playing games, sports, gardening, exercising, knitting, cooking and so on. Hobbies are helpful distractions and the great thing about them is that you don’t have to be good at them.

Convince yourself you are better alone

Tell yourself that you don’t need anyone, and you don’t need romantic love. You are self-sufficient, and satisfied with your life. Tell yourself you can have a good time and enjoy life without a relationship. Plus, relationships come with so much stress and commitment, you are living free.

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