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Ukraine Expected To Get EU Candidate Status Today

Ukraine is expected to get its Candidate Status approved at the EU leaders meeting scheduled for today 23rd and tomorrow 24th June in Brussels. The approval is coming four months after President Volodymyr Zelenskiy put forward his country’s bid to join the bloc few days after Vladimir Putin invaded his country.

Usually it takes an applicant country years to have their application get to Candidates Status but the EU in a thrilling manner has accelerated the process due to the overwhelming outrage over the brutality of the unprovoked Russian attack, and in absolute solidarity with the people and Army of Ukraine defending their land.

This is considered a historic decision that opens the door to EU membership for the country devastated by the impact of the war unleashed on them by Russia. It is also seen as dealing a terrific blow to President Putin.

The European Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, yesterday tweeted “Ukraine is going through hell for a simple reason: its desire to join the EU,”
The commission last week called on EU leaders to grant Ukraine’s candidate status. “Our opinion acknowledges the immense progress that [Ukrainian] democracy has achieved since the Maidan protests of 2014,” Von der Leyen had said.

President Zelenskiy in anticipation of the positive decision said: “This is like going into the light from the darkness.”

Dmytro Kuleba, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister said candidate status would “draw a line under decades of ambiguity and set it in stone: Ukraine is Europe, not part of the ‘Russian world’ “.

The Ukraine’s ambassador to the EU, Vsevolod Chenstov while commenting on the expected decision earlier this week said that the EU had moved at “lightning speed” by its standards.
“We need this clarity [on EU membership] to support the Ukrainian army, Ukrainian society, morally, psychologically, and to get the clear feeling and understanding of the direction of movement for Ukraine,” he said.

EU membership has been a quest in Ukraine since the “orange revolution” in 2004.The 2013-14 Maidan protests vigorously inscribed it in the soul of the Ukrainian society and made it more pronounced globally. It led to the ouster of pro-Kremlin president, Viktor Yanukovych, when he refused to sign an association agreement with the EU.

EU membership is not yet utopia for Ukraine as membership talks will take many years and  the process can go into reverse, if a future Kyiv government fails to implement reforms on the rule of law and aligning its economy to EU standards, the mood in Ukraine concerning the Candidate Status is that of relief and hope.
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