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Turkey – Syria Earthquake: NANS-Turkey Issues Safety Advisory For Nigerian Students

As a result of the recent  earthquake in Turkey, the National Association of Nigerian Students-Turkey chapter on Tuesday issued a safety advisory to Nigerian students living in the Middle East country.

The earthquake which left about 1700 people dead with magnitude of 7.8 on Monday, brought down whole apartment blocks in Turkish cities and piled more devastation on millions of Syrians displaced by years of war.

According to  the safety advisory  the student body encouraged Nigerian students in the country to “stay calm and follow instructions from local authority.”

“Solidarity greeting to all Nigerian students. In light of the recent earthquakes of different magnitude that is occurring in Turkey.

“We would like to remind everyone to prioritise their safety. Please follow any instructions from local authorities and avoid entering any damaged buildings or structures. Stay informed of any updates and if you are in an affected area, take necessary precautions to ensure your safety,” the advisory read.

Turkey’s death toll rose to at least 3,381 as of around 9:45 a.m. local time on Tuesday, Orhan Tatar, an official with the country’s disaster management agency, said in a televised briefing.

At least 20,426 injuries have also been reported, according to Tatar.

So far, 11,000 buildings have been reported damaged in Turkey, he said. Nearly 25,000 emergency responders are working at scenes impacted, he added.

Rescuers are using at least 10 ships and 54 aircraft to transport the wounded and help with search operations, he said.

In Syria, the death toll has risen to 1,559 across areas controlled by the government and by the opposition, officials said.

At least 3,648 people have also been reported injured in Syria, according to officials.

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