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Travel Influencer Arrested Over Alleged ‘Terrorist’ Ties In Venezuela

Popular Venezuelan YouTuber Oscar Alejandro was arrested in Caracas on Sunday over alleged links to “terrorist activities,” his family said, with authorities yet to comment on the case.
“According to the information available so far, the arrest is linked to accusations of terrorist activities,” his family said in a statement released to the press.

Police arrested the US-based video creator — whose full name is Oscar Alejandro Perez Martinez — at the Simon Bolivar International Airport in Caracas as he was travelling to Canaima, the national park that is home to Angel Falls, the world’s tallest waterfall.
Alejandro has nearly two million subscribers on YouTube and more than 580,000 followers on Instagram. His videos document his visits to tourist sites around the world and his interactions with locals.
Since the beginning of the year, Venezuelan authorities claim to have uncovered six alleged plots linked to terrorism and anti-government conspiracies, leading to over 40 arrests, including of human rights activists.

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