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Tope Alabi Explains How She overcomes Criticism

Tope Alabi Gospel singer has explained how she is able to overcome the various gossips,rumours that people keep on saying about her.

This is as a result of the song she sang during the late Queen of England’s burial that made them criticise her.

Sharing how she handles criticism on a recent Instagram live with her fans, she said, “For criticism, what I do is that if something happens, some people that really like and care about me usually call me I won’t mention their names so they don’t get enemies, some are gospel musicians and others are ministers of God. There are up to eight people that called me about what happened. Even people who are not Yoruba also will call me to know what’s happening, meanwhile it is their calls that weigh me down but they have to call me.”

Continuing she said “The first thing I do, I will go and pray, like one just happened recently I went to ask God, you asked me to do something and I did that thing and this thing happened so what do you have me do, he said I should keep quiet, he said I should not say anything so what I do is go to the place where I and him talk and ask him what to do next even if I fuck up, I will still go and meet him and report myself even my conscience must have been telling me that I did something wrong so I would ask him and he would say that I am too nice to everybody and that he doesn’t like me for that so I stopped it so what I do is pray, talk to God

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