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Top Five Best States To Live In Nigeria

Here are the five best states to live in Nigeria.

1.Lagos State:Lagos is the most populous and consistently the most developed state in Nigeria for numerous reasons. Without a doubt, it is the most populous city in western Nigeria. The economy of Lagos is diverse.Unlike other states, where oil is the only source of income, the transportation, manufacturing, construction, wholesale, and retail sectors.
Lagos is a hub for fintech, entertainment, start-ups, and numerous side hustles, in addition to its economic value. Additionally, it is known as “The best place to chop life.”
The island and its surrounding areas, including Lekki, Victoria Island, Ikoyi, and Victoria Garden City, boast a remarkable cultural diversity.

2.Abuja Nigeria:Abuja is the capital of Nigeria, and all of the government agencies and branches are in this city, which is in the middle of the country. The planning of the city is excellent, and the buildings are well-placed and well-planned. The roads are wide, and the housing complexes have all the amenities you would expect. People who live and work in Abuja come from all over the country.

3.Cross River State:One of the best places to live in Nigeria is Cross River State. It’s located in the south-south region. The infrastructure, the weather, and the rolling hills make this a great place to live. Calabar, the nation’s capital, is extremely clean, well-built, and well-maintained. Cross River State has a number of popular tourist destinations, including Tinapa, the Marina Resort, and the Obudu Cattle Ranch.

4.Akwa Ibom State:Akwa Ibom State is another of Nigeria’s most peaceful regions. It is one of those places that has subtly and astonishingly drawn growth and development. Amazingly,Akwa Ibom is the country’s cleanest state.There is a lot of stunning natural scenery in the state that draws tourists. It also has a few old government buildings and historical landmarks, like Lord Luggard’s house and others.
The state has made significant progress. The Godswill Akpabio stadium is a nation-wide sporting venue of choice. Clubs and national teams regularly compete in international matches at the stadium.

5.Rivers State:Rivers State is situated in the sothern part of Nigeria.Portharcourt serves as Rivers State capital.

However, Rivers State’s oil production makes it one of Nigeria’s wealthiest states. Rivers State also has some of the most popular tourist attractions. It combines adventure and luxury.

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