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With Christmastime fast approaching, you may be wondering “will this be another Christmas of watching and rewatching decades-old holiday movies?” movies like; Home Alone, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and A Year Without A Santa Claus.

Or, was it the problem of knowing just what movie to indulge yourself and your family in this holiday season?

It’s a good thing you’ve found yourself here. While trying to encourage you to try something new this Christmas, here is a list of the Top Five Christmas Movies of 2022.


5. Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

Another animated cinematic rendition of the timeless Charles Dickens story in which a miserly old man discovers the true meaning of Christmas through a series of well-timed hauntings. However, this version features some pretty well-known actors, such as Luke Evans as Scrooge, Olivia Colman, Jessie Buckley, and Jonathan Pryce. (That is, two or more of those have appeared on The Crown.)


4. Violent Night

For lovers of dark humour, this is for you. This movie has everything, including a very muscular Santa Claus and some action to go with your gingerbread. An elite group of mercenaries are holding a family captive on Christmas Eve. How will they be rescued? Santa, as portrayed by David Harbour of Stranger Things alongside Beverley D’Angelo, Cam Gigandet, and John Leguiziamo. Mr. Klaus is on the property, and he is aware of who needs to be put on the naughty list.


3. Spirited

Like Scrooge: A Christmas Carol, Spirited is also a version of A Christmas Carol, but this one stars Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell. It’s also both a comedy and a musical, with a modern twist. The selling point here is clearly the charms of Reynolds and Ferrell since you already know the story. But keep an eye out for fun cameos amongst the Ghosts of Christmas.


2. Christmas With You

Just like Lohan, Freddie Prinze Jr. is back with a Christmas movie. This music-filled story follows a pop star named Angelina who has the job of writing a hit Christmas song she couldn’t be less interested in. She hears of a young fan that has made a Christmas wish to meet her and heads to his small town. There, she connects with the child’s widowed dad, played by Prinze. She discovers both love and the perfect muse for a Christmas ballad. The movie stars Dexter’s Aimee Garcia and Freddie Prinze Jr.


1. Falling For Christmas

Hey there, Lindsay Lohan, welcome back! This Netflix smash hit is the ideal setting for the ‘Mean Girls’ queen to reclaim her title as the queen of romantic comedies. With a comeback this significant, the story’s storyline is all but unimportant, although it centres on a young, recently engaged heiress who is injured while skiing right before Christmas. Surprise! She loses her memory. Fortunately, a very attractive cabin owner and his daughter are willing to look after her and impart to her the true spirit of the holiday.

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