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Top 4 Highest Paid Football Managers Currently.

The role of football managers in beautifying the game of football can never be overemphasized as these persons are solely responsible for the kind of football the fans view in the pitch. Over the years the spotlights has always been on the players who professionally execute the tactical instructions from the managers but in this article we shall be taking a look at five of the highest paid football managers currently in the world.


The German tacticians name on the list shouldn’t come as a surprise to many given his great achievements with the reds since his arrival, earning up to €1.49 million per month, the intelligent manager is one of the few managers currently who sits amongst the top four highest paid coaches in the world. However, he sits 4th  on the list.


Sitting 3rd on the list and earning a yearly salary of €1.49million per month, the Italian gaffer is amongst the highest paid in the coaching business. Though yet to conquer Europe, Conte has achieved so much domestic  success in his career and will pass as one of the greatest Italian managers the country has ever produced.


Earning a whopping €1.89 million per month, the Spaniard is currently the second highest paid manager in the world which obviously doesn’t come as surprise to many football fans given Pepe’s extraordinary achievements in the game. However, while some football fans think it isn’t surprising to see pep sit at second position in the earnings list, a good number of fans  share a different opinion on his position in the list with some thinking Guardiola actually deserves to be the highest paid and see no reason why any of his colleagues should earn more than him currently.


Currently the highest paid manager in the world at the moment and earning a monthly salary of €3.33 million, Diego Simeone  has achieved great success in his career both as a player and currently as a coach. The highly energetic Argentine who is best known for his dramatic gestures and celebrations on the torch lines has won the La Liga twice with Athletico Madrid,  the UEFA Europa League and finishing as runner’s up In the EUFA Champions League. He will go down as one of the best managers to ever manage Athletico Madrid.

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