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Tinubu Embarrases Himself While Reading Out His Plans For Nigeria

Bola Tinubu, the presidential candidate of Nigeria’s ruling party, the All Progressives Congress, gave a long speech on his plans for Nigeria at the Kaduna Economic and Investment summit on Saturday. Mr Tinubu, who had not been speaking on his plans in public since his nomination, gave a glimpse into the plan with his speech.

The speech touched on insecurity, judicial reforms, the economy and other sectors. However, the speech was overshadowed by a gaffe when he was speaking on host Governor Nasir El-rufai of Kaduna State.

Mr Tinubu, in his usual self-confidence, assured the audience that he is going to win the presidential election and urged Governor El-rufai to abandon any plans to retire from public service after his tenure as governor.

In the process, he dropped the bombshell that Mr El-rufai has the capacity to turn a rotten situation into a bad one.“I am openly begging Nasir El-rufai not to run away for additional degree and excuse. He is going to Cairo—PhD and everything. There are a lot of educated relics. We are not going to let you run away, your vision, creativity and resilience in turning a rotten situation into a bad one is necessary at this critical time. That is why we are here today,” he said. While political gaffe is common in any political speech, however,the speculation on the health status of Mr Tinubu could explain the extra attention and scrutiny of his speeches. Aside from the gaffe, in the beginning, the speech was wobbling with several awkward stops in-between words, phrases and sentences.

In addition, Mr Tinubu who is contesting for the presidential post  has a history of making lots of mistakes  in his speeches and has become an  object of mockery and ridicule on nearly all the social medias. There is the “recruiting 50 million youths into the military”, “is it for Agbado and Ewa?” and there is the “corn, cassava and Agbado”.

Last week, his “tell them to shut up” comment during the inauguration of the women’s campaign council set tongues wagging on social media.

Mr Tinubu had asked APC women leaders to ask PDP members demanding a change of government to “shut up”. On social media, the statement was translated to “Tinubu tells Nigerians to shut up”.

Aside from gaffes, the APC candidate also has a history of making damaging comments when speaking off-script.

In 2018, during the gubernatorial election campaign in Osun State, Mr Tinubu, speaking at the palace of Ataoja of Osogbo, Jimoh Olanipekun, said he is richer than Osun State.

“I am not being abusive and I will not look into the eyes of Kabiyesi (the King) to say this. People may be saying that Jagaban, Asiwaju has appointed someone to help him plunder Osun’s funds, and all, and I ask them: ‘How much exactly do you (Osun State) even have?’

“Kabiyesi I don’t want to say this in front of you but, Osun is not as rich as I am, that one would steal. I only want to help this state.Earlier this year, in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, during the tussle for the APC ticket, Mr Tinubu went gun blazing against everyone in his “Emi lokan” rant.

Some of the victims of his diatribe included President Muhammadu Buhari, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State, who got the infamous title of Eleyi.

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