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The Majority Of Nigerian Graduates Struggle With The English Language — VC GOUNI

Prof. Christian Anieke, Vice Chancellor of Godfrey Okoye University (GOUNI), Enugu, has stated that many Nigerian graduates face significant difficulties speaking and writing English.

During the National Universities Commission (NUC) visit to the university on Friday, Anieke gave a speech.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), representatives from the NUC were at the establishment to evaluate its postgraduate program.

Anieke stated that the GOUNI had identified the use of English as the primary weakness of many other institution graduates, highlighting that some first-class graduates had difficulty writing or speaking English correctly.

The vice chancellor made the observation that the postgraduate school is the face of every university and, as such, demonstrates the strength of the institution’s research, as some postgraduates reflect the institution’s research quality.

“This is why we introduced a course we called “Communication in English“ and the students inability to use English language correctly could be due to their background.

“In the PG School, we ensure that when you write your thesis, it will be strong enough to be published in a journal and if not publishable, then you have not written a good thesis,” Anieke said.

He explained that the university was doing a lot of things to ensure that graduates of the institution’s PG School were strong, stressing that the policy was now yielding fruit in the school.

“You may not have a lot of students here because a lot of Nigerian students want it easy, but quality is very important to me,” he said.

He made it clear that NUC visit was not a witch-hunt but “a peer review that makes a university more transparent and effective“.

“NUC is championing national integration by sending those in charge of academics of the universities to institutions outside their regions.

“I see this as very important for the growth of our universities“, the vice chancellor stated.

However, Anieke stated that the GOUNI had never done anything without the NUC’s involvement and urged the officials to view the assignment as a sacrifice for Nigeria’s development.

Prof. Kabiru Dandago, speaking on behalf of the team, responded by promising that the team’s visits to universities would not be characterized as witch hunts.

Dandago stated that they would carry out their responsibilities with a high degree of objectivity.

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