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Consulting firm Milliman has been on the fore front of averaging cost of human organs over the years. Some are riducolously expensive while some are surprisingly affordable. The heart can cost as much as $1.4 million while the brain costs $600 and ear $10. These prices are for scientific bodies and universities. As of January 2020, there are more than 100,000 candidates waiting for organ transplant in the United States. Average waiting time for organ donors varies. Sometimes it can take over 70days for heart cases.

There is a worldwide shortage of organs available for transplantation and countries see organ trading as illegal except Iran. Brokers and criminal gangs are making big money out of the situation. One of the most commonly sold body organ is the kidney, since the human body has two kidneys and human can live with one. The trade thrives in under developing societies.

Despite the ban on human organ sale, the trade still persists. Studies show that about 45% transplanted organs are illegal. Poor people tend to likely be vulnerable due to they have bills and debts to settle. Many poor labourers who had before donated a kidney tends to be many times weak and it is usually not a good sign when doing a physically challenging job. About 96% of Indians sell their organs to pay debt.

Lastly please note that this publication is not designed to encourage body part sales. Thank You.

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