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Teni Replies Back All Negative Criticism Of Her Loss Of Weight

The singer has also been the subject of controversies on a few occasions. Singer Teni has responded to the unfavorable commentary surrounding her attempts to lose weight, as many have suggested that the singer underwent weight-loss surgery. She has being ridiculed by people who goes about gossiping and making jest of her about her effort in trimming down.

She revealed  on Tuesday, November 22, 2022, that she shed 75 pounds naturally without the use of surgery, but the comments that followed the post caused the singer to criticise a wide range of people.

“Lost 75 pounds no surgery! Dumb asses claiming I did can suck mine!” she wrote in response to the negative comments.

Teni had experienced body-shaming remarks due to her obesity before beginning her weight-loss journey. One would assume that the singer would be free from these remarks given the new development. It’s not the first time a celebrity has come under fire for saying they were able to lose weight without having surgery and it will not be the last. And also earlier this year Eniola Badmus chastised an instagram fellow for claiming to have loosed weight due to the help of surgery.

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