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Suspected Lebanon Bomber Killed By Israeli Army

An armed man suspected of entering the country from Lebanon and blowing up a car at a junction in northern Israel, raising the risk of renewed tensions with Hezbollah was killed by the Israeli soldiers.This took place on Monday but  was made public by the Israeli army on Wednesday.

    The Israeli army on Twitter says that;

“an explosive device was found adjacent to the Megiddo Junction on Monday, severely injuring an Israeli civilian. During the  searches in northern Israel, a terrorist armed with an explosive belt & multiple weapons in a vehicle was neutralized by security forces”.

This incident took place on Monday but was made publicly on Wednesday by Israeli Army.

    Shortly after the roadside explosion, a car carrying the bombing suspect was stopped at a checkpoint by the soldiers. According to the army  “Our assumption is that he was aiming to conduct another terrorist attack,” perhaps before committing suicide. The Army went further to say that the suspect was shot and killed by the Army and  the driver carrying the suspect is under questioning. Their identities have not been disclosed publicly.

“The  involvement of the Hezbollah terrorist army is under review,” it said.  The Lebanese were yet to comment on the incident

Al Jazeera’s Imran Khan, who reported from occupied East Jerusalem said that the incident is potentially “very serious” and prompted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to cut short his trip to Germany. In his words; “It’s a very serious security breach for [Israel],” he said. “We rarely see people crossing from Lebanon into northern Israel.”

Netanyahu was expected to fly back to Tel Aviv on Thursday. “It’s likely that he is going to address the nation,” Khan said.

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