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Stefflon Don Puts Peace Ahead of Money And Short-Term Happiness

Stefflon Don, an American rapper, shared her perspective on the fact that although money is a necessity, it does not guarantee happiness or peace of mind.

Don emphasized that there is a clear difference between happiness brought on by money and happiness that comes naturally.

She wrote: “Money is amazing and needed but what’s even more amazing and needed is Peace, Health & Happiness.”

One of her followers went further to ask: “Is it really true that money cant buy happiness ?” Don replied: “It buys temporary Happiness”

Uriel, a reality television star, also criticized women who expect their men to handle their finances.

This is in response to a post which a user distinguished between baby and Daddy or Zaddy.

If she’s calls you DADDY or ZADDY, your things are in order. Broke guys are called baby,” the tweet read.

Uriel responded to this by advising women to control their own finances and to stop relying on men as their banks.She also said that women should spend money on men from time to time.

In her words, “But what happened to having your own? Women your man is not your bank it’s good to have the occasional treats but how about my king tonight is my treat I bought you a new watch zaddy or baby pack your bags we going on a weekend break you no need to even off clothes before you go hear am”

Uriel Ngozi Oputa is a Nigerian actress, musician, and reality TV star. She was one of the contestants for the Big Brother Naija 2018 edition.


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