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The soul incorporates emotions, intellect, will power and self-awareness abilities. It is a precious part of our being that needs special attention from us. Whilst the gym and good dieting helps sculpt our bodies in the best possible way and keeps us in good health, our souls also need care. An uncultivated soul can result in exhibiting feelings of frustration, bitterness, envy, fatigue, negative thought patterns and more which can be detrimental to us, our relationships, workspace, family and local communities.

Hence, in Natasha’s corner, I will be sharing simple nuggets that if applied can absolutely improve our lives, make us more emotionally intelligent and have a healthy sense of self awareness.


Here goes our first nugget


It’s a no brainer that the morning is powerful as it sets the tone for our day. According to a few greats such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and more who identified with the importance of the morning, made statements capturing their thoughts.

‘Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” _Ralph Waldo Emerson

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” — Marcus Aurelius

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

Every day is an opportunity to view and experience the world in a new light. It presents to us countless experiences, lessons, joys and sometimes bewilderment. Every day, we move a step closer to our goals or away from it; we love harder or rescind making excuses about the harshness of the world. Every day a child is born, a new journey on the path of destiny starts.

Here I am, wishing you a pleasantly energising day start and a few tips on starting your day just right.



Starting our day on an empty stomach is not advisable as the body needs to refuel after the long fast you had while asleep. Hence, getting that hearty breakfast set up for the morning helps re energise us and gives the needed fuel for the day. Morning breakfasts help put us in a better mod, brain alertness and full of energy. The trick to having a hearty breakfast will be to ensure that it is light. So, a cup of coffee or tea, cereal, small meal portions but it should adequately contain some proteins, nuts and carbs. The idea is not to run on an empty stomach as you start your day and while at it, make the breakfast Yum.

 TIP 2


Water is that liquid that should be your bestfriend topping all other liquids. Water helps improve the appearance of our skin, helps detoxify our system, alleviate our mood, helps with better mental productivity and aids in weight loss so it is advisable to develop a water therapy culture in our daily routine. Water might taste bland and un-interesting but developing the habit of taking a few glasses of water in the morning, will put us in a better mood start for the day and not forgetting,, keep diseases away.

 TIP 3


Getting registered in a gym is the new rave of the moment yet it can be quite tasking keeping up the habit and also economically demanding. Hence, the advocacy to get conscious of body active movements by devising ways we can incorporate it in our daily routine spanning through work environment, watching TV, bathing and more. The intention of this tip is to consciously set out even a 10minset up for active body movements such as walking while you’d rather sit, wash the dishes with your hands instead of the washing machine, walking round the living room while catching up on the news of the day. These few intentional movements will help get our minds in the right frame, improve heart health, lubricate our joints, and alleviate our mood and more.

 TIP 4


Our world is so fast paced presently that it has become difficult staying serene and spending some moments with ourselves. Setting aside a few minutes of the morning hour for some tranquil moments sets the tone for our day. It enables us stay centered, focused and filled with good energy while letting go of the bad. It empowers us to become conscious of what is in our power to control and what to let go of. So it doesn’t have to be anything dramatic, simply get off your bed, place your feet firmly on the floor, sit on the floor, close your eyes, focus on nothing or if that seems hard, focus on the brilliance of the sun and think of nothing else but simply letting yourself soak up the brilliance of the morning light or morning air. A few positively affirming thoughts can be said in a low tone underneath your breath as well.

 TIP 5


One of the crucial practices which serve as a precursor to a good morning is when we do have enough sleep as required for our age. Sleep enables for proper functioning of the brain which aids better productivity, sleep also ensures that we are adequately rested for the morning ahead by releasing the relaxing hormone melatonin. It also helps us keep our emotion in check thereby reducing mood swings and negative feelings. So try to develop a sleep routine that you adhere to.

There are a whole lot more tips to embrace but do put these into practice and see how much good it does for you. Do have a great day.

Natasha’s corner

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