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Santa Claus Vs Father Christmas: Why Nigeria’s Version Is More Scarier And Cool

Evidently, there was a sharp contrast between the Father Christmas we encountered in our schools and the Santa Claus we saw in Hollywood films when we were children.

The obvious distinction is the name, as Nigerians typically have descriptive names. We prefer to refer to him as Father Christmas rather than Santa Claus.

While Santa is a robust laughing figure, Nigerian Father Christmas is usually a thin black man in an oversized red coat sweating profusely from wearing such attire under the humid Nigerian weather.




In Nigeria, we only see Father Christmas at parties,Santa Claus descends the chimney and gives children presents under the Christmas tree, sometimes with a cup of milk and cookies. He is a lot less mysterious.

This is why Father Christmas is so terrifying. In front of the adoring eyes of their children, Santa Claus sits in brightly lit malls and gives gifts to children.

Meanwhile, Nigeria’s Father Christmas is waiting in a shut dark room with a curtain, and some way or another it is normal that children won’t cry.Seeing Father Christmas seemed like going to see a voodoo priest, and every time children sees him, they cry bitterly.

However, Nigeria’s Father Christmas isn’t all that bad; occasionally, he puts on a dancing shoe and shows off his moves, which is hilarious to watch.


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