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Rising Music Sensation Talib Set To Release Song

The emerging Nigerian sensation Talib has released a new EP with the title ‘Unmixed feelings’,got his genre from Afrobeats and released it on the 19th of October,2022. His producer’s name was not disclosed due to some reasons best known to him and he featured nobody and his label is ‘ONEerpm’ Having created melodies all his life, Talib is set to drop his first single ‘Vacation’ in 2022 to officially kick off his music career. Talib’s earliest influences were the Afrobeat music, Highlife, Fuji, and Juju music he heard while growing up. As a teenager, he was exposed to R&B, Pop, and Hip Hop music that dominated Nigerian airwaves in the early 2000s. Speaking on the idea behind his art and his inspiration, the emerging star says:

“I always love to surprise myself when I do music” & “I try all my possible best to make sure that the next song is better than the last one” are some of his favorite answers to give when asked about his creative process.”His upcoming release ‘Unmixed feelings’ is the debut EP from Talib who taps multiple producers to put up a body of work that will convey the depth of his talent to listeners. Talib project is inspired by deep undiluted feelings, blending smooth RnB with live instruments with various layers of emotions. Talib explores the intricacies of everyday life and how it shapes our lifestyle and choices. In his music ‘Unmixed Feelings’ Talib examines the existential questions of:Are we in control? Do we have a choice? What do we do?

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