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Reactions Trail Linda Ikejis’s New Movie “Dark October”

Nigerian blogger, writer and entrepreneur Linda Ikeji is recently on fire for her newly released movie “Dark October”

The aggrieved parents of the four students of the University of Port Harcourt, who were killed by a mob in the Aluu Community in 2012 had asked the popular blogger, Linda Ikeji and Netflix, to suspend the planned premiere of their movie, Dark October.

The family through a rights group, The Integrity Friends for Truth and Peace The initiative (TIFPI), said Linda Ikeji made the movie about their late children without consulting them.

According to the parents of the four, the movie will bring back unpleasant memories they had managed to bury.

They added that the movie had “reawakened the already doused trauma caused by the tragic killing of their children.”

Reacting to it, Linda Ikeji advised them not to press charges as they are only wasting their time and resources.

She noted how the movie does not carry the names or images of the boys neither were their families represented in the film.

Linda added that the movie is a complete fiction work dedicated to the memory of Aluu 4, and as such, their lawsuit is a total waste as they are only backing over nothing.

“Dear Livingston and partners, thank you so much for the press statement you put two days ago. It brought so much awareness to this film that talks about jungle justice as a menace in our society and the things that needs to be done to stop or curtail it.

You’re backing over nothing. Dark October is a complete work of fiction. Dedicated to the memory of Aluu 4. There are no facts in the film. I wish you’d watch it before taking any action because I guarantee you, you would be wasting your time and resources.

The movie does not carry the names or images of the boys mentioned. There are no family members represented in the film apart from a fictionalized mother and sister……”.



@peekaymila: Where people see extreme pain, Linda Ikeji sees an opportunity to make money.

minister cocopee @chibyyke: I thought y’all were jubilating when she made the movie? Oh, we’re happy for you sis, congratulations on your debut film. A film from someone’s sad past. A past not from your experience or close relative. Bad & gutter behaviour. She should be sued accordingly and film banned

Tailor_girl @ph_tailor:  But people shoot movies based on true life events… what’s Linda’s crime ???

Michael N.Y @TheMichaelNY : Morally, she’s in the wrong. But legally, I’m not sure the family has exclusive rights to the story, considering that it is not copyrighted and the story is/was public knowledge. They can however sue for slander if they feel that movie didn’t potray their sons truthfully.

Alaga @Hon_Dajo: When 50cent bough the right to shoot an Hushpuppi story. Why didn’t y’all say 50cent is doing things wrong, he should have contacted hushpuppi or hushpuppi’s family, Or why didn’t the makers of Narcos contact Pablo Escobars family, Siddon there dey tantalize.

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