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Quotes From Mr. Peter Obi During “The Morning Show” by Arise TV

Here are quotes by the Labour Party Presidential Aspirant Mr. Peter Obi during “The Morning Show” by Arise TV;

“The job of a leader is to provide solution and not to give an excuse”

“They privatize profit but socialize loss”

“I can assemble professors to come up with a manifesto that I do not even believe in. What is more important is the track record of the candidate”

“Privatisation did not work because we privatised profits and socialised losses”

“The job of a leader is to solve problems and not to give excuses”

“It’s not the turn of anybody to rule, it’s the turn of Nigerians to take back their country”

“I want to show people love when they show me hatred”

“If you’re part of my team and you agree with me in 3 meetings you’re out. I need people who would say, you’re wrong sir!”

“What we’ve chosen to do in this country is that we’ve consistently hired vehicle drivers to fly the Nigerian aeroplane, instead of hiring qualified pilots.”

“If I’m qualified to be Vice President then I’m qualified to be President”

“We want to build a Nigeria where the vast Lands in the north are for cultivation and Kano and Kaduna are the processing centers”

“Enough of the tribal, ethnic, religious and it’s my turn sentiments, I want it to be turn of Nigerians now, and when I’m done Nigerians will have there country back”

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