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Putin Welcomes Xi Jinping In Moscow As Ukraine War Rages

Chinese President Xi Jinping met his "dear friend" Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Monday

The President of Russian, Vladimir Putin gladly welcomed the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping to the Moscow on Monday, a visit that sent a strong message to Western allies with Ukraine that their efforts to isolate Moscow have fallen short.

Xi’s trip showed off Beijing’s new diplomatic relation and gave a political lift to Putin just days after an international arrest warrant was issued for the Kremlin leader on war crimes charges related to Ukraine. Moscow said the charge was one of several “clearly hostile displays” and opened a criminal case against the ICC prosecutor and judges. Beijing said the warrant reflected double standards.

The two major powers have described Xi’s three-day trip as an opportunity to deepen their “no-limits friendship.” China looks to Russia as a source of oil and gas for its energy-hungry economy, and as a partner in standing up to what both see as U.S. domination of global affairs. The two countries, which are among the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, also have held joint military drills.

Putin with Xi Jinping in Moscow

Putin welcomed China’s proposals for a political settlement in Ukraine and noted that Russia is open for talks. In his statement; “We will discuss all those issues, including your initiative that we highly respect,” 

he continued;

“Our cooperation in the international arena undoubtedly helps strengthen the basic principles of the global order and multipolarity.”

Xi thanked Putin for the congratulations on his re-election and noted that he chose Russia as the site of his first foreign trip after that.

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