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Putin Cancels Annual Press Conference As Unease Grows Over War With Ukraine

According to Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, the Russian President will not hold the end-of-year media conference this year.

In an announcement on Monday, December 12th, Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin spokesman, shared the information, adding that President Putin “regularly speaks to the press, including on foreign visits,” Al Jazeera reports.

Although a reason for the cancellation of the marathon conference, which usually lasts several hours, was not provided, many speculate that it may have been a result of Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine, which began in February.

Vladimir Putin, who has been in power since 2000, has held a news conference in December most years of his rule – an event that he has used to gloss over his image on national TV.

The decision to cancel this year’s press conference marks the first time in ten years that Putin has canceled the December event, which provides a unique chance for reporters outside the Kremlin, including foreign journalists, to directly ask the Russian president questions.

Russian soldiers’ invasion of Ukraine which has sparked a global debate, has moved the West has retaliated against Russia by imposing a number of economic sanctions, viewing Russia’s invasion as an act of aggression against Ukraine’s sovereignty.

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