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President Buhari Approves 14-Days Paternity Leave For Fathers In Public Service

The federal Government Of Nigeria has approved a 14 days paternity leave for all federal civil staff. Buhari decision was made following the ministry of information and cultures’s publication of the initial proposal to offer paternity leaves to all employees.

The head of the civil service of the federation,Mr.Folasade Yemi-Esan,has announced this development yesterday in a circular being the 25th of November, 2022. The circular specified that the leave would last for a maximum of 14 working days, would only be granted once every two years and would be for a maximum of four children.When a male officer’s family adopts a baby under four months old, Yemi-Esan stated, “the officer will equally enjoy Paternity Leave for a period of 14 working days.”

She stated that any request for such leave must be accompanied by the officer’s wife’s Expected Date of Delivery (EDD) report or proof of the officer’s consent to the child’s adoption. This is a welcomed development as it would help fathers bond with their children and relieve new mothers of the enormous responsibility of taking care of the child alone.

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