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Popular Cubana Chief Priest Debunks Rumours Of Having A Child With Kenyan Woman

Cubana Chief priest, Nigerian Celebrity barman  has spoken out over trending rumours that he has a child with his Kenyan side chic. A Controversial blog, Gistlover alleged that the Cubana Chief Priest had welcomed a baby with a woman who resides in Kenya. The blogger reported that a woman had contacted her last year and claimed to be the businessman’s wife.The woman claimed that when visiting Lagos for the first time, she met Cubana and had an affair with him without realizing that he was married.

The lady claimed that when she called Obi Cubana to let him no about the pregnancy issue, after discovering she was pregnant, he advised her to have the baby aborted. She continued by saying he had stopped returning her calls and had blocked her everywhere.Cubana Chief Priest refuted the claims on his Instagram account by claiming that he is wealthy enough to support any children he has outside of marriage and that the reports were false. Cubana challenged the blogger to conduct a DNA test on the infant and promised to double the costs if the child was actually his.

In Cubana’s voice, he said “Am so rich that if I have a child outside my matrimonial bliss no one will know about it. Gistlover feels I can pay him/her for blackmail that’s so funny me of all people. Oba without palace if e sure for you pay for the logistics for the DNA with your money I go run am. If the baby is mine I will double your expense if you can’t afford to pay show yourself and I will send my money to do it. Social media kidnapper you dey find money, you guys have been trying to blackmail me since last year to give you money. It’s a huge disrespect to me to say my child was born in Kenya of all places God forbid. I assemble my babies in Nigeria and make them in America am too detailed to do such low-key

You wanna throw eggs to my beautiful home, one thing is for sure live by the sword die by the sword. One day you go surely cast and the rest will be history. What have you not fine you have shared nudes of celebrities just to gain clout for yourself and to destroy them. My marriage is bullet proof. My relationship with my wife is built in so much love, loyalty, respect and wealth. It’s indestructible. Like, I said if you claim what you posted about me us true book a jet for me and my team to land Kenya, today all logistics for land logistics, security and accommodation etc. I will come and do the DNA in two hospitals one of your choice and one of mine if the baby is mine I will double your expense and thank you so much for helping me find my lost baby. If you can’t afford it show me yourself so I will do the expenses myself and then know who I will sue afterwards I can’t be chasing shadows because that’s what Gistlover is nothing but a social media kidnapper. If e sure for you let’s do this.”

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