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Pierluigi Laments Inconsistency From Referees

Pierluigi Collina has urged referees to add the correct amount of stoppage time at the end of games regardless of the circumstances.FIFA’s head of refereeing discussed Sunday’s clash between Liverpool and Manchester United at Anfield, in which only three minutes were added at the end of the hosts’ 7-0 win despite six goals having been scored in a second half that also saw 10 substitutions and a VAR delay.The World Cup in Qatar had games elongated by added time that was supposed to be more reflective of actual time lost during the 90 minutes, but this trend has mostly not carried on into club football.”Last weekend in the Premier League, there were 10 matches,” Collina told reporters. “Four had additional time of 10 minutes or more [across the first half and second half], and two should have been higher but weren’t only because they had scores of 7-0 and 4-0.”In the game at Liverpool, there was four minutes added, one in the first half and three in the second. But there were six goals in the second half.”Maybe at some point in the future we will have a rule which says: if the difference between the two sides is big, the additional time is not to be given.

But this would be in the laws of the game.”Now it is common sense, but it is [only] common sense when it doesn’t affect someone.”I can understand that showing the right amount of time when it is 7-0 is difficult to understand. But in some competitions, the goal difference in the entire competition may be decisive at the end for the ranking.”So, even one goal scored or not scored could make the difference.”Former referee Collina believes adding on as much time as necessary would eventually stamp out time-wasting, much like the introduction of VAR appeared to reduce the amount of simulation in the game. “It’s time to compensate time that was not played during the match,” he said. “We are not considering to go from 70 to 75. No, we want to avoid just playing 43 minutes.”The effective time at Aston Villa vs Brentford [earlier this season] was 43 minutes. I don’t think someone wants to pay to watch a match that lasts 43 minutes.”We have seen implementing VAR has reduced simulation. How many cards are now given for simulation? Very little because the players know it is meaningless to try.”I am convinced time-wasting will be reduced when players know it is meaningless to waste time because that time is compensated.”

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