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Patrice Lumumba Gets Formal Burial As Belgium Repatriate Relic

In continuation of it’s to correct the impact of subjugation and exploitation of  Congo’s resources and people. Where about 10 million people died from hunger and divers  diseases during the reign of King Leopard II, the Belgium Government will return the gold tooth of Patrice Lumumba. This is seen as efforts to make atonement for all the atrocities meted out to the 1st Prime Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo and it’s People and Government.

Patrice Hemery Lumumba was the the first President of the former Republic of Congo,who was gruesomely murdered by men believed to be mercenaries of the Belgian Government in collaboration with Separatist who rebelled against the Government of Patrice Lumumba just immediately after independence.

Patrice Lumumba was a Pan Africanist per excellence who championed independence agitations across Colonial Africa. He was overthrown in a Military Coup led by Col. Joseph Mobutu(who later transformed to become President Mobutu See Seko) jailed, tortured and shot to death by a kangaroo assembled firing squad. His remains was then dissolved in acid, while some teeth were kept as macabre mementoes.

The Belgian government who Forty years after the incidence acknowledged that it bore “moral responsibility” for his death, will return a tooth of Patrice Lumumba to his family this week, hoping to heal the wounds of one of the most brutal and disgusting era in the country’s bloody exploitation of Central Africa.

Lumumba’s relic will be returned to his family in a ceremony that will see senior officials of the Belgian Government formally hand it over to the family in a specially made casket at a ceremony attended by the Prime ministers of Belgium and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Lumumba’s relatives will also be received by King Philippe of Belgium.

The truth surrounding the circumstances of the former Prime Minister’s death took decades to unravel.

A former Belgian police commissioner,Gerard Soete confessed in 1999(shortly before he died on 19th June,2000) that, he had dismembered Lumumba’s body and dissolved the remains in acid. In a documentary screened on German TV, Soete showed two teeth which he said had belonged to Lumumba.

Soete’s daughter displayed during an interview, a gold tooth she said had belonged to the Former Prime Minister, Patrice Hemery Lumumba. This prompted a Belgian academic, Ludo De Witte, to file a further complaint against her,in 2016.
The Belgian Government went on to later confiscate the tooth.

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