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Nigerians React, Relates Ifeanyi Adeleke’s Death To Negligence

The big story surrounding the sad demise of Davido’s son Ifeanyi, has left many Nigerians with a question to how Negligence played a great role in the boys death.

A source @officialLindaikeji’s blog had mentioned that the spokesperson to the Lagos State Police command, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, confirmed that 8 of the domestic staff of singer Davido was brought in for questioning following the drowning of his son Ifeanyi.  

Below is a glance story on police investigation about the death of Ifeanyi Adeleke.

Fans of the popular musician has taken to social media especially twitter to pour out their anger on the late Ifeanyi’s caregiver saying that  it was out of carelessness.

However, some suspected that their might be more to the little boys death. 

@Graynurse23 “If really it’s was after 20mins they found the boy I’m very sure he could have been resuscitated, some pple are saying 4hrs some 2hrs, actually when a person drowns as a kid it’s takes about 4hrs to come out to the water surface becus d body is now lifeless”

OBI-jective kenny @kenecuku “Do u know how many hrs she answered the call. And btw do u expect the domestic staff to not reduce the duration of time they made a mistake?. A cctv should be able to tell the exact time from his entrance to the time he was spotted”

The boy organs are not even that strong to hold his own breath for a min talkless of 20mins

 Another Twitter user said “The house should have a cctv camera. They should press on that Nanny and Chef abeg. Which kind talk be this one. Omo!!

This is pure negligence on the path of the care givers.

As a parent, Literally in every 5min I always scream my sons names. If any doesn’t answer, I swear, the speed I use to leave what I’m doing to look for them.

“I feel they became too comfortable on duty.”

Prayers for Adeleke’s. “You left a baby you are meant to take care of to answer call? A three year old boy what stopped you from holding or taking the boy along with you to answer the call this story never still clear”

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