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Nigerian Comedian, Mr Macaroni Cries Out Over Death Threat

The popular Nigerian comedian and social media influencer, Mr. Macaroni, has reportedly received a death threat following his recent activism against injustice in Nigeria.The comedian, whose real name is Debo Adebayo, is known for his popular skits on social media as well as his activism and involvement in the EndSARS protests that took place in Nigeria in 2020.

In a tweet posted today, February 27, Mr. Macaroni revealed that he had received an email from someone threatening to kill him over his activism. He wrote, “I’m already used to threats! I have a record of all threats I have received, I also have recorded calls and messages of Powerful politicians and their children that have ever reached out to me!!! I always said NO! Because as long as I still dey, There shall be NO COMPROMISE!!!.”Mr. Macaroni has been a vocal critic of the Nigerian government and the police, particularly in the wake of the 2020 EndSARS protests, which were sparked by allegations of police brutality and extrajudicial killings.

During the endSARS protest, the comedian also spoke about receiving threats to his life.

He was among the protesters who were arrested and detained by the police during the end-SARS protests, and he has been vocal in calling for justice for those who were killed and injured during the protests.

Following the threat to his life, Mr. Macaroni has received an outpouring of support from fans and fellow activists, who have condemned the threat and called on the authorities to ensure his safety.

The Nigerian government has been criticized for its handling of these issues, with many accusing it of failing to protect the rights of its citizens and suppressing dissenting voices. As the situation surrounding the elections continues to unfold, it is crucial that the government take concrete steps to protect the rights of its citizens, including activists and journalists who are working to hold the government accountable and bring about positive change.

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