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#NigeriaDecides2023: Why I’m Not Vocal About Nigeria Elections — Burna Boy Fumes

“I dunno why it’s such a big deal to some Nigerians that I’ve not been vocal about the elections”.

Grammy winner Burna Boy has lashed out at Nigerians attacking him over his silence on electoral issues in Nigeria.

The afrobeat star has finally broken his silence and expressed his opinion over recent criticisms from Nigerians regarding his  silence on election matters,

Against the backdrop of election controversies across Nigeria, Burna Boy used his Instagram story to urge the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) to conduct the election transparently and resist any attempt to manipulate the results.

Burna Boy went on to emphasize that the electoral body should ensure that the Nigerian people are allowed to freely choose their preferred presidential candidate without any external influence.

However, his post didn’t get him back in Nigeria’s good book as they dragged him for only speaking out about societal ills when it pleases him. Many noted how the singer, always talks about the societal ills in the country in his songs, but has never being vocal in societal issues.

Replying them, Burna Boy reemphasized that he wouldn’t partake in election process as he isn’t seeking validation from Nigerian.

He denied reports of accepting money, house, and lands from politicians or governors and claims that he was appointed into a political office.

“I’ve never made money from any Nigerian government and I never took any house, land or money from any governor. I’ve never been appointed into any public office and I never intended to be. All the good I do for my country comes from my heart, pickets, time and emotions. It’s not for social media validation and it’s definitely not because I owe anybody. I say I nor vote. Make everybody getat”.

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