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Nancy Crampton Brophy Sentenced to Life in Prison

A Multnomah County judge in the Norwestern State of Oregon has sentenced Nancy Crampton Brophy a 71 year old female, to life in Prison on Monday 13th June,2022, after being found guilty in a second degree murder charge, on 25th May.

Nancy Crampton Brophy is a US writer who wrote an article that was published Online captioned “How to Murder Your Husband”, was charged to court for killing her spouse Daniel Crampton Brophy, who was 63 at the time of his sudden death.

At the over a month long murder trial, prosecutors alleged that the writer had used a 9mm handgun bought on eBay(an Online market place in the US) to shoot the husband twice at the back on that fateful day of June 2018.

But she argued there was no reason for her to kill her husband as they were both living happily as couples. She claimed she had acquired the gun for the purpose of research for the new Novel she was working on. A claim that Prosecutors refuted because, efforts to find the weapon after the murder proved abortive.

Upon investigation, Prosecutors discovered Nancy was seen on security video entering the culinary school where her husband teaches before he resumed work that day. And by 7:30am she appeared again on the security video leaving the premises shortly after her husband’s arrival.

Daniel Crampton Brophy was found dead by in a kitchen by a colleague of his, about half an hour later after Nancy’s exit from the premises, according to courts documents, seen.

The Prosecutors had told jurors that the couple had had financial challenges at the time of the incidence. Hence, it was alarming when after killing her husband, she made effort to collect about $1.4 Million in life insurance claim.

The judge said, Nancy will only be eligible to apply for parole in 25 years.

She had been in custody since her arrest in September 2018 as the trials has been delayed due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Her article published Online “How to kill your husband,” that described processes, methods and motivation for eliminating one’s spouse is still accessible online.

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