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My Wife Bathes Me And She Puts Shoes On My Legs – Man Brags

A married man has made a shocking claim about his wife. According to a Twitter user, Suleiman, his wife spoon feeds and gives him her salary from where he gives her pocket money. Suleiman made the revelation while responding to a post which asked social media users to share the various reasons why they’re grateful for their partners. “Married couples tell us one thing your partner did that made you said “God thank you for making this person mine” feed us with good stories.,” the tweet wrote.

 Replying Suleiman wrote:

since our marriage she has been spoon feeding without her eating until I have gone to bed. she bathes me. she puts shoes on my legs. she serves as umbrella to me when ever the rays of the sun and rain is falling. she gives me her salary and I give her pocket money from it.

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