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Mr Christopher Imumolen Tasks Obi, Atiku, And Tinubu To Step Down For Youths

The presidential candidate of Accord Party, Mr Christopher Imumolen, said Tinubu, Atiku and Obi all served Nigeria as youths and as such, they should allow youths now to contest and serve Nigeria in various capacities.

Imumolen said this during his campaign on Wednesday in Abuja. He said that the front runners of the Feb. 25 Presidential race had all served the country in various capacities as youths and attained the apex in their careers with little or nothing much to show, except personal wealth and gains. According to him, it is time for the youth to govern the country, because only the youth understood the plights of the people.

“If you look at the other runners in the presidential race, you will see that the other contestants achieved so much as youths; they achieved the apex of their career in their early youths.

“All their testimonies were from their youthful days, so we believe that great leaders are those given opportunities to serve at their youthful age and that is why I am in the race.“Look at countries like France, Kenya and others, their leaders are young, vibrant youths with indept capacity to lead because they are youths .“Nigeria is progressing because of the youth, few days ago a musician called Tems won the Grammy Award, which means if the youth are allowed to run the government and economy of the day we would see results,” he said.

He said that it was only the successes of the youth that were attracting international recognition to the country and that he had the capacity to tripple such successes if given the mandate as president.

Imumolen said he had impacted in the lives of Nigerians with his private funds and was ready and willing to replicate greater impact when elected as the president of Nigeria.

According to him, “I have done so much privately, I am the youngest candidate and the only candidate that has built schools, put students on scholarship schemes, provided healthcare and prison reform programmes to Nigerians.

“Nigeria is a great country but we have been so unlucky with bad leaders; we have great youths with bad leaders.

“It is not a curse to be a Nigerian and to live in Nigeria, but it is a curse to allow this old men to continue to rule us to no where.

“Nigeria has various mineral resources, over 500 of them, yet many are untapped and I have the transformative capacity to utilise every available resources that we have to make our country the envy of others.

“With my private funds I have given education to over 20,000 Nigerian students; I have empowered women to become financially stable; I have allievated poverty in the grassroots and brought good healthcare to the people.

“I’m the youngest, most educated candidate and I’m the only candidate that when you go about, you see people testify about me with or without politics,” he said.

Imumolen said that he had provided many humanitarian services to Nigerians without any politicial ambition but was now in the race to provide even better support with more political will.

He urged Nigerians to vote for him and other candidates contesting under the party platform and not to be persuaded by bigger names or more popular political parties in the race.

He promised to make a difference just as the President of France contested under a smaller party and won the presidential seat.

“I would also do same by winning the presidential seat from a smaller party to the amazement of the bigger parties and more popular candidates.

Mr Bala Umaru, the Vice Presidential candidate, said he was confident in the abilities of his principal on delivery of the mandate of the party and the country when elected.

“As the youngest candidates contesting in a youth-driven party, we have no doubt of winning.

“Our message for the people is that enough is enough for the older generation to continue to mislead us and impoverish us, now is the time to take over for the benefit of the next generation.

“There would be financial inclusion in our government because our principal has the digital knowledge to trade and invest, he is an expert with proven capability to rebuild Nigeria,” he said.

He said that once elected, there would be massive employment for the youth, low cost of transportion, low cost of housing, education and a completely digitally transformed Nigeria.

The party’s National Chairman, Mr Lawal Nalado, urged Nigerians to vote for the party in all the elections.

“Our presidential candidate has come to manifest some of the things contained in his manifestos.

“You know him as a philanthropist, a professor, an economist and many more.

“He has always engaged with students and parents to see how he can assist our children to go to school and he has been doing it without any intentions of seeking for votes for an election.

“We were the ones that approached him to come and help rebuild Nigeria for the sake of you and I, and now is the time to support him for your own benefits too, ” he said.

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